• Introduction Post…?

    Now that Alina has already reblogged girly things before I could get to it.

    I’m Ky. I’m in my mid-twenties. I’m part of a multiple system in which I mostly co-front because it leaves the others in the system unable to recall what happened when I was front alone. I used to be a singular person somewhere else, before dying and ending up here.

    Alina is here with me. She’ll be doing cutesy things and posting frilly dresses and the like. She’s about six years old and appeared inspace (what is for us) rather recently. She’s very cheerful, intelligent, and sociable. She’s also easily distracted.

    Lynn is our main front and the original owner of the body we’re in. She has her own blog, though, and isn’t out as plural and likely never will be. Three out of four of us seem to be fine with this.

    The fourth one here doesn’t get a say because she’s violent, cruel, and wreaks havoc with Lynn’s mental health. She stays locked away. And if she does get out, she’ll never be allowed to post. So don’t worry about that.


  • 3 years ago